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John Adams DadpodUK

John Adams on Changing the Conversation Around Dads in the Media

This week, I sit down with John Adams, host of DadPodUK, a fatherhood and family life podcast that shares the different, unique experiences of fatherhood. John’s podcast comes from being a stay-at-home dad for 10 years, and the conversations he’s had with other dads around the various challenges they face as dads in an increasingly changing world.

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Jaclyn 2

Jaclyn Brown on The Light Beyond Abuse and Mental Illness

This week, I sit down with Jaclyn Brown of Mental Health and Us, a podcast offering practical self-care and wellness tips to help other mental health sufferers and their loved ones cope. Her podcast takes inspiration from her 20+ year battle with depression and anxiety, and her survival of an abusive childhood, to shine a positive light on a dark subject matter.

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Roman Mironov on Being Version 2.0 of Yourself

This week, I sit down with Roman Mironov of Be Version 2.0 of Yourself, a show that helps people create amazing and enviable relationships, and be a better you. On his podcast, Roman shares advice to and from people making a personal journey, as well as why our minds are synced the way they are, and how we can improve that.


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