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Lainey Cameron

Lainey Cameron on Being the Only Woman in the Corporate Boardroom

This week, I sit down with Lainey Cameron, host of The Best of Women’s Fiction podcast, a show that highlights authors that Lainey respects, as well as interviews with best-selling and women fiction authors. Each episode, Lainey and her guests share what inspired a favourite author’s book, as well as what advice they’d give to other writers.

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Steven Webb on Managing the Stillness In the Storms

This week, I sit down with Steven Webb, host of the Stillness in the Storms podcast, a show that helps you find inner peace at difficult times. Steven has survived childhood divorce, family suicide, his own suicide attempt, broken neck, bankruptcy and numerous heartbreaks. Basically, life. We talk about some of that in this episode.

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James Perdue podcasting

James Perdue on the Power of Perseverance in Triumphing Over Adversity

This week, I sit down with Dr. James Perdue, host of the Professor of Perseverance Podcast, where he inspires you to face challenges head on in life, and motivates you to be a leader to others. Each week, James shares the stories of his guests and their powerful message of hope. James draws on his life-changing event at 19, and how that led to many changes in his life until he got to where he is today.

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paul Sutton 1

Paul Sutton on Digital Downloads and Mental Illness Advocacy

This week, I sit down with Paul Sutton, host of the Digital Download Podcast, a show about digital communications strategy, social media marketing, and the internet. Paul is also a vocal advocate of mental health awareness in the communications industry, and uses his own personal battle with mental illness to continue the discussion around this important topic.


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